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The Rise & Fall Of Group Instruction Is The Prologue To:

Online Tutored Schoolrooms

Presentations Prepared For Chicago 2010 EIA Edventures Conference
Asora Education participated in a session on the use of self-paced online instruction in real (brick & mortar) schools. We presented an historical perspective on the various forms of instruction from about the time of the Protestant Reformation. We are particularly interested in the topics of:

1. Tutoring
2. Age Based Group Instruction
3. Social Promotion
4. Self Pacing Methods
5. Distance Education Via Television

Two PowerPoint files (one of the actual presentation and the other of a longer speech) can be downloaded by
clicking here.

If you want to have a "time machine" experience with regard to Distance Education, check out the video clips below that show how it was accomplished more than half a century ago.

Long & Short Versions
The actual presentation in Chicago used the "Short" version of the PowerPoint. A "Long" presentation is also included here and is intended for audiences seeking more information.

Most Browsers Can't Run Video Clips From PowerPoint, So....
With luck viewers of this website will be able to watch the video clips from within the web-based PowerPoint files, but most will not. The four video clips used by the PowerPoint files are provided here for your direct viewing. Click in the following list to see the clips:

Play the Full 25 Minute Clip (if you have the time, it's worth it)
Play the 3 Min Clip Heat Conduction
Play the 3 Min Clip Heat Convection
Play the 3 Min Clip Heat Radiation

Perhaps due to our lack of expertise in Web engineering, we have found that only the most robust browsers are capable of running the PowerPoint embedded video clips. An older version of Internet Explorer for the Mac runs it correctly. The video lecture clip on each page of the PowerPoint lecturettes is launched by double clicking (or single clicking) in the graphic/picture window. For those who can't run the video clips in the Web based PowerPoint you can alternatively
download the PowerPoint file and its associated .mp4 video clip files and then run the lecturettes or presentations locally.