Here we have the files that enable viewing the Chicago EIA presentation, including the ability to review the old "films" that had Prof. Harvey White teaching physics. Except for the initial still photo that begins each video clip, the footage is not from the physics course films. Instead we have an extended 25 minutes of clips taken from a guest presentation of Prof. White when he appeared on a San Francisco TV show entitled Science in Action in 1956. The year of production, the manner of teaching, the level of difficulty, and the professor are the same as in the TV physics course. If we could find one or more of the 163 half-hour films used in that course, we would use them instead.

For those so inclined, downloading the .ppt and .mp4 files will enable one to not only view the powerpoint presentation we crafted for the Education Industry Association (EIA) Edventures Conference in Chicago (July 2010), but will also allow one to play the video clips within the powerpoint slides by double-clicking inside the picture window of each clip.

The video clips may be played directly by finding them here.

Lastly, there is the possibility that your browser will allow you to run the video clips from within the Web based PowerPoint file. To try that click here on: Play Chicago Long Talk.