Dealing With Social Promotion's Ills

Asora Speakers Bureau
We are available to make public presentations on most of the aspects of Asora Education Enterprises. In most cases we waive our speaking fees and expenses for presentations in Rhode Island and in the eastern half of Massachusetts. We also participate in the Heartland Institute's speakers bureau.

Asora Presentation Topics
Many of our topics are related in the sense that our proposals for online instruction provide an affordable way to address the problems we see from our studies of student achievement. Some of our presentations discuss aspects of the "solution" while others mainly focus on the "problems." And others do both.

1. How reforming the local education marketplace can motivate school improvement. How Asora Consulting might help.

2. The ASORA Concept: How online, on demand instruction can overhaul brick & mortar schools.

3. The ASORA Concept: How franchising is the best structural format for organizing schools.

4. The ASORA Concept: The curriculum and how is it tested.

5. The ELQ Methods: How we remove test inflation from state reported achievement examinations.

6. How your local public schools would perform on the Nation’s Report Card.

7. How various New England schools, according to the Nation’s Reports Card, compare to those of other states.

8. Troubles with the NECAP, MCAS and other examinations and their possible remedies.

9. What is your High School Success Rate (low) and what can be done to raise it (higher).

10. Restoring Integrity To High School Graduation Requirements.

11. How do educators deceive us more about disadvantaged children’s progress than for the others?

12. What you can do when the public system blocks reform.

13. The international perspective: How do American schools perform compared to those abroad?

14. Is social promotion the problem- and self-pacing the answer? An historical perspective.

15. Is it corruption and fraud or could the root causes of public education dysfunction be more innocent?

16. What community organizations can do to help reform K-12 schools.

If you are interested in learning more about having a speaker make a presentation to your group please contact us.

Asora Prerecorded Video & Powerpoint Presentations
CEO David Anderson has made video recordings of a number of presentations- several of which can be viewed directly or indirectly from this website. Click on the links for access:

Overview of the Stellar Schools project.
Why Stellar Schools?
NECAP is Broken and How to Fix It
Algebra 1 prototype sample in a PowerPoint presentation.
On Teaching Physics: the actual speech given in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Physics Lecturette #1 in a PowerPoint presentation.
Physics Lecturette #149 in a PowerPoint presentation.
On Teaching Physics: PowerPoint version of item 4.
Extended Presentation On Teaching Physics in PowerPoint.

Items 1, 2 & 4 will play directly from the website. The PowerPoint presentations generally will not play from the website, but the files can be downloaded for local viewing.