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Other Services of Asora® Education Enterprises

Prior to March 1, 2007 the predecessor enterprise, the
Stellar Schools Company (SSC), had offered services in the three areas of tutoring, substitute teaching, and consulting. Since that date, the renamed company, Asora Education Enterprises, has been offering those same services as well as some new ones. We describe these services in what follows below.


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In the Asora Tutoring division, we provide tutors for K-12 pupils who attend schools or who are home schooled. In doing this we have marketed this service to schools as well as individual students.

These kinds of services will also be offered to organizations developing schools using the Stellar Schools format. We will provided tutors at school sites as well as at the franchisor/licensor help desk facilities.

Though the fees can vary, we generally charge $50 per hour for tutoring with the first hour free.


Asora Substitutes are personnel who Asora Education assigns to provide substitute teaching services to schools under contract. This was the first service offered by Asora's predecessor SSC beginning in 2005. During the 2006-2007 school year, Asora provided substitute teaching services to a private school in Providence.
As Stellar format schools begin to operate they will have special needs for substitute teachers who understand how to work in that instructional environment. Asora will train and deploy substitute teaching/tutoring personnel to replace staff when they are absent from client schools.


Asora Productions is responsible for the creation of multimedia content used in our instructional software. In November 2005, when Asora was operating as SSC we began developing course materials for our K-12 curriculum. We have been seeking customers to contract for the development of specific courses, but have, to-date, not secured any such contracts. Thus, progress in this area has been slight.


Asora Publishing is an effort closely related to Asora Productions. The instructional content we provide online is the responsibility of Asora Productions, while our publishing effort encompasses both that and printed materials. An important characteristic of Asora Education is our insistence that course content be available in both hardcopy documents as well as in online formats. We intend to offer our courseware to other school operators and for this purpose we operate as publishers to this important external market.


Asora Testing will provide the assessment services to our own schools and others using our courseware. Given that our testing regime is closely aligned (and, in fact, defined) by our curriculum and is explicitly integrated into our courseware content, we need to provide assessment services. The schools that we'll operate or license to use our systems will be required to also use our testing regime as a condition of using our name. Given the importance of preserving the integrity of the assessment function, Asora Testing will require independent proctors to administer examinations. Thus local school personnel will not directly participate in the formal examination process.


Asora Franchising is another name for the education management function (EMO) that our plan envisages. Since franchising appears to be an optimal business structure for organizing networks of schools that use our courseware, we use this label. Our franchising network will accommodate non-profit franchisees but that would not be appropriate for a system managed by a non-profit operator. (In that situation, a licensing network will apply to a non-profit system operator of schools.)

Strictly speaking, Asora Franchising is core effort of Asora Education Enterprises because it is the division responsible for developing, launching, and operating the franchising network of Stellar Schools. Once Asora Franchising has access to adequate capital its activities will commence. Without that capital, Asora Franchising, is working to develop a market for its services in hopes of attracting equity investors and sweat equity players.

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Other Activities
Since the inception of its effort in September 2003, the Stellar Schools Company and its successor Asora Education have been primarily engaged in seeking to develop its company infrastructure by soliciting investments and personnel. A secondary activity has been curriculum development. Asora is also engaged in charitable activities by offering its services to various types of research and educational organizations.

Asora has adopted the open sourcing philosophy in which we actively share our ideas and plans with others in hopes that our type of enterprise will launch somewhere. We believe that we do not need to be first. In fact, we believe that it will be easier for us to develop Stellar Schools if others have "plowed" the ground ahead of us. We'll be quite happy if we can be the "Avis" of education!