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ExSum2008.doc is the executive summary of Asora's Stellar Schools business plan, which underwent major revision in March 2008.

FullBP2008.docx is the full business plan of Asora's Stellar Schools effort. (150 pages). This major revision was released in March 2008.

gives many of the details for or plans to first establish Stellar Schools in a non-profit environment. For a more comprehensive description of our plans, much of it applicable in the non-profit world, we recommend reviewing Asora's full business plan - just described.

explores various kinds of possible collaborations between existing enterprises, with examples.

Rationale-Motivation.doc is the downloadable version of Asora's Rationale & Motivation report displayed elsewhere on this Website.

VideoOverviewText.doc is a text version of the Video Overview and is similar to the speech, "Profitable Education in Stellar Schools" that we now give in public forums.

KECCR-Talk_01.doc is the text of a Stellar Schools speech given in January 2005.