Analysis Points to Social Promotion


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Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Asora® Consulting
provides services in two related areas:

1.) We provide an
achievement test analysis service. We convert inflated public school system achievement test proficiencies, from those reported by state educational authorities for localities, to ones that are consistent with the Nation's Report Card.

2.) We provide specialty advice to organizations developing instructional systems, networks, and schools similar to
Asora's Stellar School concept. We generally recommend an incremental approach in which we convert one subject area at a time.

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With regard to the first item, the results we generate have almost always indicated very high levels of social promotion. We believe that curing it is difficult within a group instructional environment. However, educating children in a self-paced learning mode, as is planned for our
Stellar Schools, solves this problem. Thus a logical sequence of consulting work, in any given locality, would be that of using the test analysis service to measure the severity of the problem and then, as a second step, working with the client to develop remedies based on Stellar Schools concepts of online self-paced instruction.

We currently charge $75 per hour plus expenses. The first hour is generally free.

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