Jewish Education Alternatives to Public Schools
Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Delivering Jewish K-12 Education


David V. Anderson
June 16, 2009

As has been the case for most Protestant sects, Jewish people have placed their trust in public schools rather than take those responsibilities on themselves. Given the importance Jewish culture places on education, they have often been at the forefront of advocacy for reform and improvements in public education.

When the perceived quality of public schools falters and after numerous rememdies have failed, Jewish families may seek private alternatives. Stellar Schools may be of interest given their promise of greater academic rigor and given their emphasis on a values based education.

If public schools are no longer providing the kind of education being sought by Jewish groups, is it not their obligation to choose appropriate alternative schools for these pupils? We at Stellar Schools, whether under our non-profit version or the for-profit, are ready to work with Jewish reformers to help provide alternatives more suitable to their values.

Asora and its intended "sister" non-profit effort, Stellar Schools Development Corporation, will be available to help sectarian educators implement these proposals. For those who prefer to work purely in a non-profit environment we are ready to operate in that "world" too. We even have a (dormant) website devoted to the non-profit version of Stellar Schools at

Though not directly pertaining to Jewish education, we refer visitors to our page on
Catholic education where further discussions appropriate to Catholics may also apply to some concerns of Jews.