Spiraling Down of Parochial Education
Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Stellar Schools Can Fill A Sectarian Needs

Regardless of the religious sect or doctrine of that group, Asora Education's Stellar Schools concept can integrate courses having religious content authored by the sect with the non-sectarian courses provided through Stellar Schools.

Values Based Education
Broadly considered, most religious based schools devote more time and content towards the teaching of moral and ethical values as opposed to the watered down politically correct secular progressive values favored by many public educators. Most Stellar Schools courses provide numerous examples of putting emphasis on values and moral behavior that will be more attractive to religious based schools- independent of religious sect.

Application to Schools Run by Major Sects
The need for Stellar Schools schools and others of this type would help fill and address needs of major sectarian groups. These links will take you to the appropriate location for further information.

Catholic education.

Protestant education.

Jewish education.