What We Know and Believe About What Works
Asora's Stellar Schools are based on methods and technologies known to work in post-secondary education. Our understanding of economics suggests that a for-profit business enterprise will be the most cost-efficient organizational format in which to provide the Stellar Schools’ services. We believe that franchising offers the right combination of control and decentralization conducive to operating effective schools and it also allows the benefits of this format to extend to non-profit and public schools- of course, assuming they are willing to live under the franchising agreement’s terms and policies. We believe that the efficiencies inherent in the Stellar Schools franchising network will simultaneously allow for significantly better instruction and lower costs while at the same time preventing the ills of social promotion. It is expected that private systems of schools based on these principles will be able to operate less expensively than their competitors and therefore will make tuition affordable to larger numbers of families. This will help make school choice a reality for more parents- even in the absence of vouchers.

Other Beneficiaries
We suggested at the outset that benefits would accrue to non-profit and public schools. These benefits are of two types:

• Such schools could directly benefit as franchisees.
• Such schools could imitate the methods and technologies of Stellar Schools and benefit that way.

Enhancing the Reputation of For-Profit Schools
In the same way that Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and other private delivery services excelled in their businesses and showed how the private sector is superior in providing a traditional public services (as opposed to the Postal Service) we think Asora's Stellar Schools, if successful, would bring much respect to for-profit private education enterprises. As more and more parents, voters, and politicians see the value of private efforts in this area, we believe it will be easier to legislate vouchers, tax credits, and other inducements supportive of these kinds of educational services.

Love that Food Store Analogy
The analogy I like best is that of education to food stores. The latter is almost completely for-profit and yet our society has found mechanisms (food stamps etc.) so that few go hungry. The incredible variety and quality of food to be found in American grocery stores is wonderful. Hardly any of our schools are for-profit and it should be no surprise that there is little variety and not much quality. The way to get these for-profit schools into the ascendancy is to increase their market share. Lowering tuition costs, as we believe Asora's Stellar Schools will do, expands that market.

More Scholarships are Needed Too
Still, we need mechanisms in this industry to give all children the option of such schools. Among them are vouchers, tax credits and other inducements for private scholarships. Having these funding mechanisms available will, in particular, greatly accelerate the growth of Stellar Schools. More generally, we believe they will spur the development of a growing and robust education industry.

Not in Political Arena: We Only Need Approval of Capitalists!
Finally, I should say that the beauty of Asora's Stellar Schools, or at least an advantage, is that no new law is required to launch this reform. It is thus out of the political arena. Rather it is in the capitalist arena where it awaits the essential ingredient of- guess what- capital!