What Economics Tells Us
A Little Economics History
The experience of the past century, if it has shown nothing else, suggests that capitalism is the most productive economic system. As a corollary, services and products provided by for-profit enterprises are generally superior and more cost-effective than those provided by non-profit organizations. And the comparison with government provided services is even more stark.

The Economics Of Stellar Schools
There are five kinds of efficiencies that contribute to the profitability/cost-effectiveness of Asora's Stellar Schools:

• Those from automation.
• Those from self-pacing.
• Those from economies of scale.
• Those from labor force efficiency (non-union professional teachers).
• Those from the low cost of labor implicit in the use of student tutors.

Is The Education Industry Immune To Economics?
While the education industry has a highly distorted marketplace, owing to the various government subsidies, players, and regulations, it nevertheless has its niches where for-profit schools and vendors provide high quality services that surpass those provided either by non-profit organizations or the public education systems- at least when compared on a dollar for dollar basis. Thus, we are led to conclude that reforming K-12 education should primarily be a task for businesses.
Post-Secondary Successes
Schools already exist at the college level (and beyond) that have benefited from these kinds of methods and technologies. We believe that there is no essential difference between post-secondary and the K-12 years that would discourage the implementation of Stellar Schools. Just as economists would have predicted!
Encouraging Developments in K-12 Instructional Services
The use of self-pacing, an integral aspect of Stellar Schools, has been quite effective in schools that have implemented it. Franchising in the K-12 environment is exemplified by Sylvan Learning Centers which have been quite successful. Distance education is used in physical schools, but on a limited basis- usually to teach courses for which the school is not capable.
Wherewithal for K-12 Tuition Significantly Increasing
A combination of the continuing improvements in the American standard of living and the expanding availability of scholarships and other school funding devices suggest that many more parents will have the means to send their children to private schools. Given that Stellar Schools will charge markedly less for tuition than other private schools suggests its popularity and market share will grow appreciably.