Audience for this Report
Who Should Read This
This report is addressed to people who are interested in the reform of K-12 education here in the United States. If you believe that solutions based on best methods, on best technologies, and on competing for-profit enterprises should be considered, then this proposal may be of interest to you. Or to put it more simply, if you believe new strategies should be pursued- whatever their pedigree- you may find Asora's Stellar Schools concept worth considering
Who Should Not Read This
If you believe that education reform should focus primarily on public schools, then you may not- at first glance- find this of interest, though important aspects of the model we develop could be applied in public education. Or if you believe that no schools should be of the for-profit variety, you will probably not find this to your initial liking- except, again, the model has important applications to non-profit and public schools.