• Is the Stellar Schools Company Attractive to Investors?
• Overview of Stellar Schools

Audience for this Report
• Who Should Read This
• Who Should Not Read This

What Economics Tells Us
• A Little Economics History
• The Economics Of Stellar Schools
• Is The Education Industry Immune To Economics?
• Post-Secondary Successes
• Encouraging Developments in K-12 Instructional Services
• Wherewithal for K-12 Tuition Significantly Increasing

Stellar School Services to its Customers
• What Content Do We Want Our Children To Learn?
• What Instructional Methods and Formats Do We Want?
• How Can We Deliver These Services Cost-Effectively?
• How To Augment These Services For Stellar Schools?
• How To Implement Self-Pacing?

Business Issues
• The Marketplace for Stellar School Services
• The Organizational Format For Stellar Schools
• The Projected Costs For Stellar Schools
• Development Path

• What We Know and Believe About What Works
• Other Beneficiaries
• Enhancing the Reputation of For-Profit Schools
• Love that Food Store Analogy
• More Scholarships are Needed Too
• Not in Political Arena: We Only Need Approval of Capitalists!