The Rationale and Motivation
for Stellar Schools

David V. Anderson

Janaury 19, 2006

Abstract ("In a Nutshell")
We address and encourage potential participants in the development of the Stellar Schools Company (SSC). The most important benefits Stellar Schools will provide are: first, superior instruction; second, lower tuition; and third a structure that is immune from social promotion (and its devastating effects). SSC intends to operate a K-12 instructional and testing service using a novel combination of automation and franchising in its organizational format. SSC will provide a number of centralized services to its franchisee school locations to help them provide better instructional services and at lower cost. Also, its services will be provided to individual homeschoolers. SSC will control the curriculum and its content. It will control the instructional methods and delivery mechanisms. Unlike many of its competitors, nearly all routine teacher functions will be automated. The teaching faculty of the Stellar Schools will be far superior to typical K-12 instructors as found in public or private schools. These expert teachers will be teamed with university professors to provide video instruction, detailed lecture notes, and the management of their segments of the examination database. SSC has chosen to build its curriculum from existing curricula including the Core Knowledge Sequence, the Hillsdale Academy Study Guides, and the Advanced Math & Science Academy curriculum. At the level of each course, SSC defines its curriculum as the content in its “universe” of the examination questions and answers. Part-time students will be served and awarded certificates for those courses that they master. Full-time students will receive the certificates and can also work towards a high school diploma. SSC is currently refining its business plan to include more details such as likely suppliers of services it will obtain through contract.

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