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Asora® Education Enterprises Mission Statement:

Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

We at Asora's Stellar Schools effort recognize that public schools, and to a somewhat lesser extent, private schools are unnecessarily costly and tend to provide low quality instructional services.

High quality affordable private schools are within reach and it is the goal of the Stellar Schools Effort to develop such schools. They are based on best methods, best technologies, and best incentives.

We believe that enough is already known about what methods, technologies and structural formats work to design the schools we seek. Surely more (competent) research in education is needed, but enough is already understood about best practices to launch our project now.

We believe the best approaches to developing and providing K-12 educational services will rely on both the non-profit and the for-profit private sectors of our economy. We will need the economies of scale provided by operating networks of schools either under licensing or franchising arrangements.

We therefore seek to develop networks of locally owned schools that will utilize:

• High quality content, including aspects of the Core Knowledge sub-curriculum, the Hillsdale Academy curriculum and the AMSA math & science curriculum.
• Superior instructional methods, in a self-paced learning environment that elliminates social promotion and its ills
• Stellar teachers and professors, creating and presenting the online courses
• Web-based technology, allowing economies of scale and other cost efficiencies

Part of our goal is the provision of Web-based instructional services into homes and offices where other students can develop their K-12 skills. Thus home schooled children and adults lacking 12
th grade competence are to be served as well.

Who We Are:

The Stellar Schools effort was initiated by David Anderson in 2003. Since that time, discussions with prospective partners have been held but to this date the effort remains a sole-proprietorship with three unpaid managers (COO, CFO and CMO) and no employees. We believe we have the intellectual assets required to move forward but have very little financial capital to continue the work. Nonetheless, we believe that our ideas and plans are sufficiently promising that it is simply a matter of “when,” not “if,” concerning the launch of this business.

Anderson’s unique life experiences, including those as a student, a teacher, a research scientist, a policy analyst, and a financial planner, have given him the insight and conviction to confidently push the Stellar Schools concepts forward.

For more about the
Qualifications of our staff click the link. Also relevant and available on our website is a speech by David Anderson, available in text, view-it-here video, or download the viedo, formats. It includes descriptions of some of his relevant life experiences.