David V. Anderson

David Anderson was born in Chicago in 1941 where he spent his formative years. While following a pre-medical course of study as an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, he grew fond of mathematics and physics and eventually decided to pursue graduate work in physics. During his eight years of graduate study he took one year off to teach high school physics and mathematics. Returning to his graduate studies he obtained a Ph.D. in plasma physics from the University of California at Davis in 1971. From 1971 until 1994 he pursued a career in plasma physics, mostly at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. During his years at Livermore he worked on the Magnetic Fusion Energy project, which has been an effort to generate electricity from thermonuclear reactions. He has published over 30 scientific articles on his work. Elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 1992, he also served on its governing Council.

In 1993 he availed himself of a voluntary early retirement program so that he could spend more time on his other interests, which have included education, politics, public policy, science policy and popular culture. During the 1990’s he was active in California Republican politics and ran twice for the State Assembly in 1992 and again in 1994, in the Oakland area. During the 1993-94 election cycle he served as Treasurer of the Alameda County Republican Party. In 1993 he ran the speaker’s bureau for the Proposition 174 (school vouchers) campaign in the San Francisco Bay Area. Later, in 2000 he was the Director of the Speakers Bureau for another voucher initiative, Prop. 38.

During the period 1999 to 2003 he studied finance and economics to become a financial planner and in doing that passed the CFP examination. After working approximately two years in the field, he decided to study financial analysis. At first his plan was to obtain the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certificate, but after passing the first year’s examination he felt he had the financial knowledge and experience to start a business. So one could say that his four years interlude in the financial profession gave him the intellectual wherewithal to segue into a project of developing a business in the educational sector where there have been many unmet needs that entrepreneurs like him could fill.

From 2003 to the present he has developed a new model for educating students in our K-12 school systems. In the business he is developing, Asora Education Enterprises and its Stellar Schools Franchising Project, he intends to use franchising and technology to make schools and their personnel more productive with the result that students will learn more. At the current time he is seeking players and investors to help grow the business, which at present is staffed by sweat equity workers. He is also attempting to launch a non-profit version of this same effort.

Also, currently, Asora Education's consulting business is generating small revenues by providing achievement test analysis services in which state reported (inflated) student proficiencies are mapped to the NAEP scale of the Nation's Report Card.

David Anderson and his wife Susan, between them, have four successful adult children and are now grandparents of five grandchildren for whom they would like to see the availability of schools that are much better than what are now common in either the public or private sectors.