RESUME June 26, 2008
David V. Anderson, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 2419 Providence, RI 02906 401 793 0421

Developer of self-paced K-12 schools
Consultant for achievement testing and social promotion remediation
Research on energy and environment issues
High school teaching of mathematics and physics
Public policy analysis & writing on education, science policy, & technology
Financial planning & analysis including expertise in Monte Carlo methods
Plasma physics and applied mathematics research projects (34 publications)


2007-2008: Asora Education Enterprises and Stellar Schools Development Corporation, Providence, RI
2007-2008: Fellow for Education and Energy Policy, Ocean State Policy Research Institute, Providence, RI
2003-2006: Developer, Stellar Schools Franchising Project, Attleboro, MA
2005: Substitute teacher, Kelley Educational Services, Oakland, CA
2001-2002: Financial Planner, The Baron Financial Group, Fair Lawn, NJ
2000: Director, Speakers Bureau, Prop 38, School Voucher Initiative, Redwood City, CA
1999- 2000: Financial Planning Software Consultant, Pleasanton, CA
1997- 1999: Policy Analyst & CIO, City of Jersey City, NJ
1997: Assistant Field Coordinator, Schundler Re-election Campaign, Jersey City, NJ
1996: Surrogate Speakers Coordinator, Los Angeles County, Dole Campaign
1996: Substitute teacher, Santa Monica Catholic High School, Santa Monica, CA
1995- 1997: Writer, self-employed
1995: Los Angeles County Director, Educational Accountability Initiative
1994-1996: Physics Consulting, Anderson Scientific Consulting, Oakland
1994: California Assembly Candidate, 14th District
1993: Speakers' Bureau Coordinator, San Francisco Bay Area, Proposition 174- School Voucher Ballot Initiative
1992: California Assembly Candidate, 16th District
1974-1987 and 1989-1993: Research Physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA
1988: Visiting Professor, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
1971-1974: Research Physicist, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.
1965-1966: Teacher, St. Elizabeth High School, Oakland, CA

2001: University of California, Berkeley Extension, CFP Program
1971: University of California, Davis. Ph.D. in Physics
1968: University of Nevada, Reno. M.S. in Physics
1963: Johns Hopkins University. B.A.

1993-1996: Councilor, Council of the American Physical Society
1992-1994: Co-Chairman, International Committee for Physics Computing Conferences
1992: A founder of the Division of Computational Physics, American Physical Society
1991: Chairman of the 3rd International Congress on Computational Physics

1993-1995: Local Board Member, Selective Service System
1992: Elected Fellow of American Physical Society
1989: First Place, Cray Research Gigaflop Performance Competition