Public Education is Suffering while Private Education is Getting By
Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Dual emphasis of Asora® Education Enterprises' StellarSchools website:
Our organization, as is often the case, will have differing needs as it evolves and matures. For the purposes of this discussion there are at least three stages of development:

1. Formulation of the service to be offered.
2. Building the organization and developing its services.
3. Providing services to clients

The Stellar Schools effort is currently at the beginning of stage 2. While it is true that we will continue to refine our planned services and products, our main emphasis is the buildup of staff and assets needed to continue. For that reason, the primary focus of our Website is to provide information to prospective players in the Stellar Schools effort.

In terms of the actual information contained within this Website, however, most of it concerns the nature of the services and products to be offered. This sub-page is designed as the entry point for those visitors to who are more interested in its educational aspects (as opposed to its entrepreneurial ones).

For an introduction to our Stellar Schools project, we have a twenty-minute video overview that can be viewed from this Website by clicking here. Or you can download a copy to view later on your QuickTime Player. If you'd prefer to read the text version of the video overview it's available on our Reports on Development page.

Educational building blocks of Stellar Schools:
By reviewing the documents within this Website, or those that can be downloaded from it, one can learn about the plans for Stellar Schools. Most of this information falls into five principal areas:

Methods of instruction


Optimal Networks

Curricula and Assessment

Traditional Features

The dynamics of the “bottom-line” serve education
While we have tried to de-emphasize the business aspects of Stellar Schools on this sub-page, we must say that we believe the incentives present in a for-profit franchisor driven system will result in a superior instructional and learning environment. This is not a new concept but one that economics tells us is valid in almost any service or product that’s offered in the marketplace. Those incentives require attention to costs and attention to performance. Getting the right balance results in a learning environment that is less expensive to the customers, that is of high quality, and that still provides its owners some profit for their endeavors. This is not “rocket science” but a well-known principle of economics and business.

Thus utilizing a profit making organization is a key element of the reforms implicit in the design of Stellar Schools.

Relevant reports you can access and download

RI_Regents_01.doc This is a recent one-page report we presented to the Regents of Rhode Island's K-12 public education system. It observes that social promotion is the key problem and that Stellar Schools (or something similar) is the solution.

OKProfNumsFull Report_01.doc This report, we produced for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affaris, analyzed state achievement test proficiencies reported for Oklahoma public schools. We converted the state reported proficiencies to ones consistent with the Nation's Report Card to reveal a signficantly dysfunctional public education system.

Profitable Education.doc This is an early report that contains an analysis of past problems and successes in K-12 education and how they suggest that Stellar Schools could be “fashioned” to provide superior instruction at less cost than what is now common.

Appendices to Profbl. Ed.doc In this document we provide several appendices that support the findings of the preceding document Profitable Education.doc.

ExSum2008.doc Here is the Executive Summary of the Stellar Schools business plan wherein we envisage profits in the fourth year.

FullBP2008.doc This 150-page report contains the full Stellar Schools business plan (including the Executive Summary). It is heavy on details, including quantitative analysis, and it includes many references to other published informatin.

KECCR-Talk_01.doc Here we have a speech given in early 2005 on the analysis, structure, and plans for Stellar Schools.

Rationale-Motivation.doc This is a report designed to inform and attract possible players in our Stellar Schools effort. While its emphasis is on the business aspects, it also presents our most recent plans for Stellar Schools in terms of methods, technologies and formats.