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Algebra With Video Lectures

The example shown here was produced in early 2006 and is based on our earlier plan to generate math courses based on the Saxon Math series of textbooks. We have since decided to consider either the Singapore Math program and/or other materials from the Advanced Math & Science Academy curriculum. Nevertheless, the example here shows many of the features of Asora's Stellar Schools.

We use a course in Algebra 1 to provide one prototype of our courseware. A more recent and more fully developed prototype can be found in our
Physics demonstration area. Of particular importance in any course is the content and the delivery mechanisms of that content. At this stage in the Algebra course we have developed a course segment- equal to about 10% or 40 pages of text. For that segment we have the following instructional vehicles or avenues students can use to learn the material:

1. We have written a lecture note textbook segment that we intend to be the primary text for the course. You can download a copy of it (written in MS Word) from our
file sharing page. A printed hardcopy version of this will be given to each student.

2. A digitized version of this same textbook material will be available on the student's computer.

3. As a secondary text we have adopted the Saxon Math Publisher's book,
Algebra 1. We note that our lecture note textbook follows a similar instructional sequence. (It would have been the primary text if the publisher had not refused us permission to have a digital copy of it.)

4. Closely following the lecture note textbook we have produced the first video lecture- one of four such lectures in this segment. The video lecture is available either as a download from our
file sharing page or you can view the PowerPoint based video instruction from this Web Page as made available on our Courseware Examples page.