Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Welcome to the "fork in the road" between the for-profit and the non-profit efforts to develop Stellar Schools. You have likely arrived here by having accessed the original Stellar Schools website: Before we present you with the links to the forks, let us make brief mention of our philosophy concerning the important roles that both non-profit and for-profit efforts can play in establishing these new kinds of schools.

An important premise in our education reform efforts is that today's public and private K-12 schools are a
national shame. When faced with the unpleasant fact that average private schools cannot maintain even half of their pupils at grade level (and public schools are far worse) we should wake up and do something. We think we know how to replace these failed institutions.

The Stellar Schools project aims to develop new kinds of K-12 schools in which high quality online instruction allows children to learn in a self-paced environment. We hope to replace many of today's dilapidated and dysfunctional public and private schools with Stellar Schools that will:

Cure the degradation stemming from social promotion.
Provide higher quality instruction and content.
Operate for significantly less cost than contemporary schools.

As in so many other commercial ventures, at least as seen in hindsight, there have often been important contributions coming from the non-profit world. The complementary roles foreseen for the non-profit and for-profit efforts are as follows:

On the non-profit side of the Stellar Schools project, the primary emphasis will be on research and development. Of secondary importance will be the establishment and operation of Stellar Schools networks in which the system management and school operators remain non-profit. The Stellar Schools Development Corporation is the vehicle for these and other relevant non-profit activities.

The for-profit applications of the Stellar Schools concepts includes the establishment, development, and growth of commercially operated franchising networks of participating Stellar Schools. Only the franchisor is required to be for-profit, thus allowing non-profit and even public franchisee schools in the system. This Stellar Schools Franchising project is the primary focus of the for-profit Asora Education Enterprises. Asora also provides a number of other contract services to the education industry.

Our philosophy sees the advantages of both non-profit and for-profit efforts in these areas. We believe the former is stronger in the research and development areas though we do not exclude a for-profit role in that. Conversely, we believe that for-profit franchisors will likely operate the best schools and yet we do not rule out non-profit networks of Stellar Schools.

Since the Stellar Schools project began in the for-profit world we offer that "fork" first.
Click here to be taken into the world of Asora Education Enterprises and their Stellar Schools Franchising project.

Later, we saw the need to have a non-profit effort. That is now being implemented as the Stellar Schools Development Corporation which is intended to become a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Click here to be taken into the realm of non-profit Stellar Schools.