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The Essentials of Asora's Stellar Schools
and Why We Need Them

Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

Whether it is through our for-profit Asora Education Enterprises company or through the related non-profit Stellar Schools Development Corporation, we and our colleagues intend to develop, establish, and operate networks of K-12 Stellar Schools that are designed to solve many of the problems currently seen in public and private education. Rather than face the difficulties of managing a wholly owned system of schools, we plan to utilize franchising or licensing networks in running our schools.

We know, both from anecdotal accounts and from research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, that many high school aged children either dropout of school or are among the 78% of public high school graduates who are not proficient at the 12th grade level. For further information about these problems, please see our page
What Ails Our Schools.

Our research indicates that we can design better schools that will operate for less expense. We know that:

* From the viewpoint of business, we need both economies of scale and the cost savings that derive from automation.

* From the viewpoint of education, we need a more rigorous curriculum (including economics) and we need to provide our instruction in a self-paced format.

*Also from the requirements of education, we need schools that are structured to prevent social promotion.

* From the viewpoint of economics, both altruism and profit motives are needed to provide strong incentives for superior performance.

* From the viewpoint of ethics, for-profit entities tend to be corruption resistant while non-profits and particularly government organizations are more at risk.

* From a combination of viewpoints, we need the flexibility at the local level and the ease of raising capital that is accomodated by establishing a licensing or franchising network.

Consistent with the concepts of licensing or franchising, the individual schools in a Stellar Schools system will be owned by the licensees or franchisees, respectively. The licensor or franchisor will provide centralized services to the local schools. These will include Web-based distance education services, examination services, and the provision of supplies. Home schools will also receive services from the licensor or franchisor under a format similar to existing "virtual schools."

Our plan for developing these schools within the for-profit world can be reviewed in our Asora
Education Enterprises' Business Plan Summary or our full Business Plan. The plans for developing similar schools in the non-profit world are described in our Strategic Plan for the Stellar Schools Development Corporation. We envisage providing each student with a laptop computer on which they will access the instructional services and content for all of the courses of the core curriculum. All routine teacher functions will be automated and the teaching faculty (who actually do the instruction) will be based at the system's central service facility. These faculty, working in two person teaching teams, will produce the courseware including the Web based video lectures. They will also generate and maintain the examination data base. Finally, they will assist at the system's centrally located help desk when the remotely located students seek additional help that's not available at their locations. At the local (licensee or franchisee) school locations, the instructors will act as tutors with the help of teaching assistants and student tutors. Another unique feature of Stellar Schools is its curriculum, which is operationally defined as the universe of examination questions and answers applicable to each of its courses.


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