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Welcome to Asora's Stellar Schools Project
Advancing the Goal of Ending Education as We Know It

The Asora design of Stellar Schools has, among other things, an instructional format based on methods, technologies, content, and organizational structures known to work in real "brick & mortar" schools:

[1] Superior quality online instruction from expert teachers and professors. But we don't discard the books to go online.

[2] Tutoring by teachers, teaching assistants and advanced students.

[3] Self-paced mastery learning environment that fosters early completion of studies.

[4] A rigorous curriculum inspired by and mostly drawn from:

The Core Knowledge Sequence
The Advanced Math & Science Academy (AMSA)
The Hillsdale Academy
Trinity-Pawling School Economics Curriculum
Advance Placement Courses
International Baccalaureate Requirements

[5] Structured to eliminate the evils of social promotion.

[6] A licensing or franchising network is used to provide:

Economies of scale
An optimal distribution of effort
A superior method for raising funds or capital
Licensing is the non-profit analogue of franchising

[7] The non-profit Stellar Schools Development Corporation (SSDC) will likely undertake the R & D function as well as the operation of non-profit schools.

[8] Our new for-profit company, Asora
Education Enterprises, (it replaces the earlier Stellar Schools Company) will adopt these developments and use them in its forthcoming franchising networks of schools as well as to provide other services within its core competencies.

Asora has revised its business plan to significantly accelerate the development of its Stellar Schools beyond what had been contemplated in its earlier planning.

Other Products and Services

(You may wish to skip the following and go directly to descriptions of our services by clicking on: Achievement Test Services or Brokerage for Online Courseware.)

Guidebooks & Resources For Parents Of K-12 Students

An offshoot of our testing services is our work that includes public school guidebooks that are based on our NAEP estimates. These guidebooks show that most children are below grade level and therefore need more help than what their school likely provides. Our first book, It Takes More Than A Village, addresses the K-12 schooling needs in the Potomac Region of Maryland, Virginia and
Washington DC. It is in early publication as an e-book. The first part of the book, up through Chapter 3, is available at no charge and can be downloaded from our
Reports on Regional Guidebooks page. Or you can purchase the entire book there as well. The cover page appears as follows:

Pasted Graphic

More Information About Asora Education Enterprises

To learn more details, you may wish to look at our very short, The Gist of It description of Asora's Stellar Schools project. To see what is the latest news about Asora's developments, just go to our link: What's New? Or you may be interested in applications to Catholic Education, where possible collaborations are discussed.

Given the relative dearth of Protestant and other sectarian schools, there may be an even greater need for improved schools among those faiths. Thus we suggest they consider how Asora's Stellar Schools model might benefit them on our
Protestant Education Etc. page.

For an introduction to the educational aspects of Stellar
Schools you can review
Stellar Schools Essentials. And to view a Web based PowerPoint driven video demonstration of prototypical lectures:

Algebra Courseware Examples for our Algebra 1 example.

Or click
Physics Courseware Examples for our more recent- and elaborate- example for our Physics With Calculus course.

In 2008 we presented many of these ideas to a European audience where our CEO spoke at a symposium of physicists. You can view/hear this minimally technical speech,
Self-Paced, Online Physics Instruction, from within our physics pages.

For those of you who might be interested in joining this or a similar effort you can visit our
Want to be an Asora Player? section. There we also feature the report, The Rationale and Motivation for Stellar Schools. While this report's intended primary audience is potential participants (donors, investors and workers), we believe that others may find it interesting as well. We provide the report's text as well as a shorter video version that can be viewed from this website.

Other information is available from our downloadable reports. Those that are more focused on public policy and school reform can be accessed from our
Reports on Reform area.

Reports concerning our guidebooks, as noted above, are available from our
Reports on Regional Guidebooks page.

All of Asora
's other downloadable reports emphasize our development plans and include our detailed business plan- which is also has some emphasis on educational public policy issues. They can be accessed from our Reports on Development page.

Check out the Asora
staff's Qualifications by means of their resumes and biographies. Currently it is a staff of three.

Or for more information send your requests and
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